in Mongolia

For the past 10 years since 2013, 1-5 Design Lab has been visiting an international school located in Mongolia every summer to provide educational volunteer services. Through this program, Mongolian students are given the opportunity to engage with art and design, with 1-5 students directly participating as supporters. In this process, 1-5 students interact with their Mongolian peers, deepening their understanding of each other's cultures and experiencing the diverse aspects of the international community. Talent donation is an activity that simultaneously demands self-confidence and responsibility. We hope that through this experience, the students will proactively design their future and cultivate the power to actively implement it.

Target Age13 years old and above
Class HoursApproximately July - August (the exact period will be announced later)
Class Contents

Art-based volunteer activities


in France

<Le Goût> is a workshop that has been held every summer in the town of Richelieu, France since 2015. 1-5 Design students create works alongside professors and experts from the US, UK, France, and Switzerland. They explore various visual expression methods and materials such as printmaking, architecture, writing, drawing, sustainable design, cooking, and photography, and during their stay, they engage in various activities to understand French culture, including site visits, concerts, and market experiences. On the last day of the workshop, an exhibition is held on-site, which is attended by artists, designers, and politicians from around the world.

Target Age13 years old and above
Class HoursApproximately July (the exact period will be announced later)
Class Contents

Professors and experts from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Korea (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UCL, Tufts, RISD, Parsons NY/Paris, RCA, Pratt…)

2022 Exhibition at Albus Gallery


in Seoul

Workshops encompass social value projects, artistic experiences, and practical design projects. Additionally, participants learn and execute problem-solving skills as well as abstract expression alongside experts from various fields in the art industry. The themes are constantly changing according to the planned programs, and since this is a non-regular program, separate announcements will be made during the recruitment period.

Target Participants GroupVaries by workshop
Workshop ScheduleNon-regular, announced during recruitment
Collaborating Organizations

Domestic and international companies, foundations, schools, institutions, and other field-specific experts

Special Lectures

1-5 Design Lab lectures invite students to engage with a diverse array of experts. This interaction aims to help students crystallize their thoughts on future academic majors and potential paths for their social engagement post-graduation. By connecting with professionals from various fields, the students are able to gain valuable insights and perspectives to inform their academic and career planning.

Target Participants GroupPriority given to current 1-5 students
Lecture ScheduleNon-regular, announced during recruitment
Collaborating Organizations

USA, UK Institutions

Creative Professionals

Photographer, Artist, Designer, Curator, Business Owner, In-House Designer, etc.